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Folded Name Card

If you have too many information and pictures needed to be displayed on your business card, folded name card will be the right product for you as you can get upto double the size of a normal name card.

There is a varieties of option to have your card folded and to have them half way through. Simply add more information or pictures you needed to convey the message on your name card. Provide us with your superb design and we will send them for print.


Customized Business Card

rounded corner business card

Have some crazy idea on how your Business Card should shape? Have us realize them for you. Provide us with your idea. We might just be the right printer for you.

Currently we have done various artistic business card including some round corner business card, folded name card, a round shape business card, and your creative idea might be our next.

Don’t be afraid to amaze us with your idea of how your business card should look like. No matter a bird or a shape of a human, we will try out best to fulfill that need.


Transparent Name Card

transparent business card

Introducing our Transparent Name Card. If you want to differentiate yourself from the pack, this just might be the card for you.We are now carrying Transparent Business Card / Name Card. These Business Card are slightly frosted using UV printing to provide you a four colours on a transparent plastic card.

Transparent Business Card is a great way to differentiate yourself and your business from the rest. Giving you a great first impression and allow other to have great remembrance on your business. Make a statement through your name card and be unique!


Name Card Printing

Remember to ask us about our free business card template if you do not have your design. Get to choose from 5 different templates we pre-design. All you need is just to fit in your contact details and logo. Name Card or Business Card printing service offers one of the most competitive rate in the market. We have been doing this printing service for more than 4 years now and our client are ranging from young entrepreneur to big corporation.

Why choose us?

  1. Affordable price
  2. Hassle free ordering system
  3. Delivery
  4. Superb quality 4 colours offset colour printing

We carry the the following printing material

  • Art Card 260gsm *
  • Ivory card (UK) 230gsm
  • Fine Linen 230gsm
  • Fine Vein 230gsm
  • Modern Embossed 230gsm
  • PVC 200gsm
  • Matt Lamination 260gsm *
  • Gloss Lamination 260gsm
  • Spot UV 260gsm *
  • Platinum-White 250gsm
  • Transparent Name Card *

* our customer’s favourite

Business card options:-

  • Transparent
  • Folded
  • Recycled Paper
  • Rounded Corner
  • SpotUV
  • 2 & 3 Flip (for 3D effects)

To place an order or any questions, Contact us with our form and we will communicate back shortly.